NEW ALBUM out November 28th! Tarassis -Tracklist preview-

Little over a year has passed since dEMOTIONAL released their debut album “State: In Denial” which was well received by the broad audience.
And now, on November 28th dEMOTIONAL will release the longed-for sequel: TARASSIS

Artwork & Design by the amazing: Design by Daniel Eek
The album is recorded, mixed & produced by Pontus Hjelm (Dead By April) at Studio PH, Sweden

TARASSIS is the product of a young metalband that are experimenting with different genres and tempos, though at the same time keeping their distinctive sound that made them so popular.

”These hardworking guys have a insanely bright future ahead and Tarassis really shows that both their music and the guys as artists are truly evolving!!”
– Micko Twedberg, A&R Dead End Exit Records


1. Hero In Me
2. Illusions
3. Follow
4. To The Gallows
5. Neverland
6. Initialize The Calm
7. Broken Dreams
8. Star Without Fame
9. Two Tales From Tarassis
10. Miracles (feat. Pontus Hjelm)


We are really proud to announce that our second full-length album “Tarassis” will be released on November 28th.

It became even better than we could expect from the start. It will contain 10 massive songs that we have been working on last year now! The sound is awesome, as you have heard from our singles, and that is alot thanks to Pontus Hjelm at Studio PH for mixing and mastering it. “Tarassis” will also include some extra things and hopefully you will like them as much as we do. To find out the secrets im talking about you just have to wait until November 28th. ;)

We will now celebrate this happening and take a weekend of to refill our power before we continue with making this album avaliable to you. As we speak the mastering files are headed for printing and the fantastic artwork made by Daniel Eek at Design by Daniel Eek will once again cover our album!

Have a great weekend and stay classy!
// Tommy


Thank you Växjö and Karl-Oskar!

We had a awsome time last weekend in Växjö at Stortorget, Karl-Oskardagarna! Still high on the endorphines! We would like to thank you all for supporting us this evening and you made this gig something over the top! Love you all!

Photo by Kiggs

After our show Hoffmaestro entered the scen! And I don´t think that anyone were sitting during their consert cause it was a hell of a show!

The week before our gig in Växjö we had a interview with Lokaltidningen were we talked about the past years and all the good respons we got from all of you guys! We also talked about the future and the plans for our new album.. We even talked about album nr 3!!


// Tommy

Official lyrics video for Neverland!

Many of you guys wanted the lyrics for this song so we decided to fix you guys a sing-a-long lyrics video! May this be heard at every party around the world!

It feels like poison running through my mind.
An anchor of visions that just drags me down
Try to run, but no one sees.
Im withering when you are not around

Try to move forward, to stand up straight. But I fear that it´s to late.

When you got your back against the wall, and you feel all alone out there
and the world crumbles around you, it´t not that I don´t care.
It´s just a memories after all, the history we shared
But it´s hard to make a breakthrough, when we´re breathing the same air.

You just can´t expect me too always be there for you
what you had is gone im moving on so fuck you

For not making this go easy, you never really could let go
I know that I seem cold, but I want you too know

When you got your back against the wall, and you feel all alone out there
and the world crumbles around you, it´t not that I don´t care.
It´s just a memories after all, the history we shared
But it´s hard to make a breakthrough, when we´re breathing the same air.

It had only just begun when you decided to move on……..

Putte i Parken

The gig in Karlstad were over our expectations. You guys really turned the place upside down! Thank you for this time and hope to meet you all again soon!

Here is a live video from this evening, we are performing our latest single “Illusions” from our upcoming album!

Next up is Malmö to feel some raw dE Power! Gonna be an epic night so don´t miss it ;)

Until that, enjoy our beloved sun who is really shinning upon us this summer!

// Tommy

3 new gigs and more to come!

We have had some time in studio now and are still in studio working on our upcoming album. The thing is that we just can´t sit still. We are up for some new gigs in Sweden and perhaps some are across the border in the future ;) enough about that!

The 4th of July we will be playing at Putte i Parken in Karlstad among band such as Black Label SocietyRaubtier, Ulf Lundell and Ken Ring.

This is the first time for dE ,with this setup, to give Karlstad a right handed *uppercut* of our dELove! About the time right!?

The 19th of July it´s time för Kulturbolaget in Malmö to feel the raw power of dEMOTIONAL.

This evening is a “Brothers in arms evening” cause Dead End Exit is the organizer of this epic kick off happening! So be on time to see awesome bands like Deceptic, Carubine, Supralunar and of course you will get to see us!

The 9th of August it´s time for Karl-Oskardagarna in Växjö to once again exchange some sweet metal love with us!

Last year was a succes and the organizer were so satisfied with us and you guys so they decided that this year we will play at the BIG stage on the square with band such as Hoffmaestro, E-type, Frontback and more. Let´s make this night historical.

More gigs to come so keep yourself updated by checking our FACEBOOK!

We did a photo session for upcoming album and this is one of many awesome pictures Linda Himsel nailed!

Hope you are ready for us cause we are really looking forward to make 2014 a memorable year! See you out there!

// Tommy